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About Us

At Delhi Zaika, our mission is a simple one: To recreate the joy of authentic Delhi cuisine on your palate. From times immemorial, Delhi has been a melting pot of cuisines. Home to the royal families of the past, present day Delhi cuisine is an amalgamation of Punjabi, Turkish, Mughlai, Iranian, and Pakistani roots. Our endeavor is to transport you in spirit to the streets of Jama Masjid, where the sizzle of kebabs roasting in golden yellow butter, the heady aromas of rich Mughlai gravies simmering in tawa’s, the tang of carefully selected fragrant spices, and the grandeur of Delhi cuisine come together to give you a culinary experience like none other in India. With each morsel, you will experience an explosion of flavors that is unrivalled and impossible to forget. Come, experience the feasts of Delhi. Come, experience Delhi Zaika.

Restaurant life

Our Legacy

The first Delhi Zaika restaurant were established in Kurla and Bori Mohalla (pakmodia street), and now feature in five locations. For as long as we can remember, we have been besotted by the food of Delhi. Our oldest memories are of the unique tastes of food prepared lovingly at home, as our family hails from Delhi. When Delhi Zaika was being set up, we wanted it to echo the richness and diversity of Delhi cuisine that we were accustomed to.

To the owners, Delhi Zaika represents not only a lifetime of generational recipes passed down in the family but also a modern gastronomic adventure that competes with the best restaurants in Mumbai. To that end, the restaurant has constantly evolved; adding new cuisines and experimenting with various flavors to keep up with the varied demands of its vast clientele. Despite being a primarily Mughlai restaurant, our Chinese menu would give any restaurant Mumbai a run for its money.

The food from Delhi has always signified royalty. In the past, emperors and kings had a hand in ensuring their cooks constantly innovated and created vast and delicious repasts for the royal families. And what are our costumers if not royalty for us?

The painstaking dedication and exacting standards set by the owners have ensured that Delhi Zaika has climbed rapidly into the pantheon of the best restaurants in Mumbai for Mughlai food, and they have no plans of slowing down. The response to our food and dining experience has given us the confidence to aim for even greater heights. Whether you’re an old timer visiting to rekindle your culinary romance with old favorites, or a new patron wanting to experience the food coma that Delhi’s finest cooks can plate up for you, Delhi Zaika will cater to your indulgences and leave you grinning from ear to ear.

What people say


Amazing food, resembling my hometown food in Mumbai

- Ayushmann khurrana

Looking for Authentic Mughlai food Delhi Zaika is the place I had to for good food and calm ambiance. When my hunger level is 10. This place not only satiates my belly but my heart.

- Nivedita kanchan

We had the best Mughlai food ever. suggest the best food as per the palate.

- Boman Irani

We always choose Delhi zaika for our home get-together as well as for my NCP party political events either small or large their commitment to their amazing taste, good quality, good service, and reasonable pricing.

- Nawab Malik (Cabinet Minister)

The food was really nice and authentic to try for, Staff was presentable, The setup was too good...

- Lokhandwala builders

The event was flawless and food was delicious. Excellent layout and presentation, not to forget the service. Every guest went back home with a smile. Highly recommended!!

- Javed Jaffrey ( Actor )